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Ron Paul’s predictions (ten years ago)

Ed’s NFL Conference Championships Picks – 2011 / 2012


Let’s go Patriots!!!!!

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Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

——— ——— – 77 Losses ———

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Dear America: What the Left Thinks of You (Just Look at the Latest Newsweek Cover)


Love this!

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Dear America,

Just so you know, the leftwing Dems, Hollywood, the media, and universities in the United States, are not pleased with you. Especially those who dare to question the socialist narrative or simply don’t get with the program.

We’re just a bunch of dullards who don’t understand kowtowing, inept  foreign policy, unemployment, the deplorable state of the U.S. economy, or the out of control spending by a socialist kleptocracy.

Newsweek has graced its 16 January 2012 online cover with an article written by Andrew Sullivan, cockholster extraordinaire:

Just what we need; more pompous asslownery from a leftwing rag informing the ignorant masses that we just don’t know what’s good for us.

You may remember Andy’s abnormal preoccupation with Sarah Palin’s son. He accused her daughter Bristol of being the actual mother.
His screeching tirades have even drawn criticism from his own staff.

Newsweek has sunk to the bottom of…

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Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law

OWS Crime Tally: Video

Why Did The ‘Deadliest’ SEAL Sniper Punch Jesse Ventura In The Face? (Video)

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Imagine what would happen if a man in a bar told a group of Navy SEALs that he:

* Disagrees with the war.
* Believes they (the military) are murderers, killing innocent people… men, women and children
* Thought they probably deserve to lose a few of their own.

You are probably wondering if the guy making the offensive comments is still alive.

He is alive, and he also happens to be Jesse Ventura, a SEAL alum/reservist and the former governor of Minnesota.

Making matters worse, Ventura’s comments were directed at

This little known incident was brought out during an interview on on Wednesday. Speaking exclusively to The Blaze, Gregg “Opie” Hughes explained that he had a tip to ask Kyle about his run-in with Jesse Ventura. So Opie casually brought it up and the story unfolded.

It was in 2006 when Ventura and the SEALs happened to be in…

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Santorum Says Senate Should Sue Over Obama Appointments

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Rick Santorum said the Senate should sue over President Obama’s decision Wednesday to appoint Richard Cordray to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and name three members to vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board.

“What the president did was wrong – pretty scary stuff,” Santorum said.

“I hope that the United States Senate does what they’re supposed to do, and they should go and even take the president to court. This is not something that the president should get away with,” he added.

Republicans had been hoping to cripple the agencies, unpopular in conservative circles, by refusing to confirm appointments. The GOP maintained Wednesday that the president’s move was unconstitutional because the Senate was in a pro forma session and not technically in recess, during which the president can make temporary appointments.

Obama defended the move in a speech in Ohio on Wednesday.

“When Congress refuses to act and…

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Crazy Ass Ron Paul Fan-atics

During my round abouts trolling places.. I’ve noticed a serious trend… I haven’t really figured out if it’s troubling or just kinda sad.

1. Ron Paul supporters are VERY uninformed. Yet they spend all their time on the internet (Just look at his Fan page compared to Mitt Romneys)

2. The supporters AGREE with his Foreign policy MORESO than his domestic policy… Which, In any conservatives mind is the exact opposite.. I’d support him if he had a better foreign policy. Which brings me back to point number 1. Very uniformed views on how the world works.. It’s REALLY sad actually… which will segway into my third point.

3. Ron Paul Fans always think there is a conspiracy a foot. Now, I myself LOVE a good conspiracy, however this is getting really sad.. I’ve researched about 4 different forum based sites 2 political, 2 conspiracy. Now they all have this cross reference point which is… they all think we are being lied to about 9/11, and there is a GIANT conspiracy against Ron Paul and thats the reason why the Main Stream Media is shunning him (I’ve actually seen this)

Now… I would vote for him if he were the prime candidate but we’ve seen this disaster unfold in recent History *COUGH COUGH PEROT* yeah, I said it… you ruined it for Bush, Thanks…

So, I was doing some thinking… I wonder if it’s because of this conspiracy theory mindset that makes the Ron Paul supporters more…”at home” with him… They live on the internet (I mean come on none of these people are Doctors, ((Well maybe)) and you have to admit most of them PROBABLY are living at mom’s house and just researching the latest Alex Jones story (I really blame him for this).

So here’s my rebuttal to my previous arguments
1. Uniformed Voters / Policy issues
All I’m going to say about this is… Really? You think we should just “Leave Iran alone?” after they are basically bullying us right now over there?? Wait till gas hit’s 5.00$ a gallon, then we will see who wants to leave who alone.

2. Conspiracies and other Horse shit.
The 9/11 hoax issue……………How many dots do I need to make? I’m not even going to argue about this because it’s so outrageous… call me brain washed or “sheeple” tell me to go fox.. blah blah blah… really don’t care… Don’t show me evidence (I’ve probably seen it) and you people… you just reach for little bits of truth
“Missles are metal… so are planes” great logic… so flawless this is a different post… I want to go into the hoax thing a bit later… but for right now i’m going to focus on this… GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, IT’S MAKING YOU FUCKING PARANOID!

I kinda derailed… I’ll modify this later with useful links.. I’m kinda hungry and I have a theory there might be an underwear monster in my refrigerator…

fuck.. tin foil hat time.


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