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the new 1% SCHOOL CHILDREN! OWS is attacking the youngins’

hahahah this just keeps getting better and better

“Small schoolchildren were forced to walk the gauntlet of frenzied Wall Street Occupiers just to get to school on Thursday. What’s worse, protesters reportedly screamed “follow those kids!” as worried parents tried to lead their children through the police barriers along Wall Street. CBSreports that the NYPD was thankfully there to help the kids and ease their fears — clearly a factor given that one protester did in fact follow a father and his daughter down the entire block.”

Read the rest and watch the video here if you don’t believe me

My personal experience with the occupy movement


From the moment this started, I knew this was destined to fail.  Those around me know this, have heard me say this and now we are watching this movement fall apart.  Why?  Well I’ll get to that.  I have my reasons of keeping things quiet as I mysteriously shuffle papers around.  But that is neither here nor there.  My experiences with OWS started with my hipster friends.  This immediatly became uncool when the main stream media got involved..  Yet I got involved and started asking questions.  YET no matter what question I asked I could not get a definitive answer.  So I decided to look around the web.  Being a skeptic of what the Main Stream Media tells me I always back up my information sources with other internet based sources, that could be as polluted; I digress however this is not what I was looking for.

I found my way to the OWS official website, I couldn’t find any coherent information and kept seeing people with signs like this..

 I know I know its a joke, but the signs may as well say this.. They are saying things like free college education blah blah blah…  “But wait, free college isn’t that like socialism lol.”  YES it is…  But lets make this better shall we I’m losing it with these asshats…






heres why

Irony alert: OWS’s ‘socialist’ kitchen refuses to feed the poor

#OWS Socialists Protest Fixing Food for Freeloaders

So theres a class warfare protest within the protests now? what happened to the 99% OHHH I get it you don’t want other people taking whats yours that haven’t worked for it.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT I JUST HIT IT ON THE HEAD DIDN’T I?  yes see thats the biggest problem with liberals like this… its okay to share other peoples money just not your own..  Seriously, go fuck yourselves, do you realize how hypocritical this is?  The best part is… IM NOT EVEN MAKING THIS UP!!!!!  I mean this is so good, seriously…  But on to more pressing matters

lets not forget the rapes

Yep… People are getting raped. thats just one report i’m too steamed to look up more links.. but you all have google, the internet is a powerful thing… there was something on OWS about this as well but it got scrubbed…. Google is a wonderful tool in that regard. (the tracks are still there)

anyways…. No questions answered… No reasoning… And it seems like they all want this to get violent.  At the occupy Phoenix movement, there was a Flier asking “when should you shoot a cop?” Hmm I hope those cops don’t respond when your iPhone 4s gets stolen…

So as this wraps up to be the political abortion of the year, we reflect on how much money OWS has made from leftist groups and why the left is now avoiding this topic.. I guess it shows the real “people skills” of its voters… Enjoy your drum circles and Phish concerts..

Get a job


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